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In other diseases of the nervous system and vestibular apparatus, along with other symptoms, hearing impairments are detected, with vestibular neuronitis, only the vestibular nerve is affected. Also, the disease is not accompanied by focal symptoms, since the rest of the structures of the nervous system are not affected.

Caloric test - the patient is given a weak rotation. With inflammation of the vestibular nerve, a decrease or absence of reflexes on the affected side will be detected. Myogenic evoked potentials - testing the function of the otolithic organs of the inner ear with a loud click. MRI and CT of the brain - are performed to differentiate LN from cerebrovascular accident. Romberg's stability test. To do this, a person puts his feet on one line so that the heel of his right foot touches the toe of his left, while he needs to stretch his arms to the sides. If a person is sick with vestibular neuronitis, he will not be able to perform this exercise.

Electronystamography is a method of recording eye movements for the study of nystagmus. To do this, a few drops of cool water are instilled into the ear canal and eye movements are simultaneously recorded.

Complex of therapeutic measures. The main direction of therapy for vestibular neuronitis is symptomatic treatment, i.e., relief of the leading symptoms: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and impaired coordination.

For this, the following drugs are prescribed: Often these medicines give a positive result, and the symptoms are greatly reduced after a few days. After nausea and vomiting pass, and dizziness ceases to disturb the patient, he is recommended to carry out specialwow gymnastics. Gymnastic exercises.

The goal of gymnastics is to receive signals from different sense organs to the brain, which leads to sensory imbalance, in other words, false dizziness is recreated. At the same time, such movements make it possible to increase the threshold of excitability of the vestibular apparatus. Vestibular loads and the nature of exercises are determined depending on the stage of the disease.

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At first, the performance of these exercises may cause an imaginary deterioration in the state, but in no case should the classes be interrupted. It is necessary to overcome the feeling of discomfort, with time it will pass. The duration of such procedures will depend on the individual characteristics of avana pills. It is impossible to determine exactly when improvement will come. The minimum period for conducting classes is one month. With their regular implementation, it is possible to achieve restoration and return of work activity.

Gymnastics involves performing a series of exercises with fixing the gaze at one point at different angles, rotating the eyes, as well as turning the head and torso. The prognosis in most cases will be favorable. The disease does not cause any serious complications. After the disappearance of avanafil generic, the disease is considered cured.

Due to vestibular neuronitis, in 40% of patients within a year, vestibular function is restored completely, in 30% of people it is only partially restored, in other cases, vestibular dysfunction remains for life. With incomplete restoration of vestibular function, a person will not feel serious discomfort or experience problems with coordination and balance. Sometimes the disease can recur, but the healthy side will already be affected. Since there is a connection between the occurrence of VN and viral diseases, the only preventive measure is their prevention and timely treatment. It is also very important when unpleasant symptoms of the disease appear in time to take action and start treatment as early as possible.

Vestibular neuronitis or vestibular neuritis is an inflammatory disease that affects the nerves responsible for the innervation of the semicircular tubules located in the vestibular apparatus.